GRIP receives free VR Update on Steam

April 01, 2020

GRIP receives VR Update

The gravity defying, pulse pounding, ground shaking, combat racer GRIP has truly taken its exhilaration to another level!

Prepare for the most intense, mind-melting racing experience you know and love - but now in VR!

Inject yourself into the game, feeling every turn, impact and stomach-testing inversion.

Can you make it through the race? Only one way to find out… *Sick bag not included.


Download the update now FREE on Steam! 
If you don't already own it? Then what are you waiting for


Excited? Want to get hold of a group of racers and beat them to the finish line? Maybe show you have the stronger stomach?

Well you can get into the GRIP Discord right here!

Full Patch Notes 


- Added Virtual Reality support to the game. Players can now play all the game's content in VR, including multiplayer matches.
- Added new speed streak FX for both flat and VR versions of the game.
- Added player vehicle representation when in bumper cam.


- Rebalanced Disruptor spawn rates.

Bug Fixes

- Bug fix for Carkour achievement not working.
- Bug fix for not being able to progress through campaign tiers.
- Bug fix for controller not working in the UI when entering a MP event.
- Bug fix for missile turrets blowing themselves up.


- Improvements to MP server logic handling of number of players in a session.
- Fixed Disruptor audio issues.

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