Falconeer Xbox Patch

November 23, 2020

Falconeer Xbox Patch

Xbox Falconeers - a new patch is now available for download for The Falconeer!

The update contains localisation improvements, bug fixes and some gameplay improvements, patch notes available below :


  • Korean had the wrong spacing rules applied. Spaces are now correct in Korean
  • Number of improvements on the Russian localisation


  • Clicking leave with mouse would cancel your mission, fixed
  • Sometimes switching to the map would fail, and you'd be left with a town description in view
  • If you got killed while the camera was zooming on a cap ship or location, you'd enter a zombie mode with detached camera, you now die properly.
  • Player when on fire can again dive in water to douse flames
  • Delivery items could suddenly drop after launch.
  • Delivery items could suddenly shatter when trying to pick up.
  • Mouse would register wrong clicks in the pause menu.


  • Splash damage is now zero on the player from his own mines, in easy and normal
  • Your wingman also won't die in hardcore mode.
  • Delivery items now cannot shatter on ships and enemies (prevention from random despawning in missions)
  • Photomode should now be smoother
  • In the maw, stealth would sometimes fail to quickly, 5 second buffer added
  • Fly ahead, is now also working when homebound, so a fly home will appear once the mission is done.
  • Fly ahead is available in side missions
  • In some cargo retrieval or salvage missions, the item would be invisible and become impossible to grab, now fixed
  • Impact damage at high speeds is reduced, to prevent to many insta-kills on hitting airships.
  • Falcon cawing reduced in jetstreams
  • 120HZ V-sync improved on Xbox Series S/X