Deliver us the moon new video and Discord

April 03, 2020

5 things Deliver Us The Moon

April the 24th is mere weeks away at this point, and the team is gearing up to take on the mission of delivering this epic sci-fi thriller to console owners!

Just to ensure you are all kept up to speed with what to expect on this extraordinary mission - we have prepared this handy primer!

Now that you are all up to speed - perhaps you'd be interested in some sage advice from veteran Deliver Us the Moon astronauts?
Or perhaps be able to see cool updates and information directly from the team at KeokeN themselves!

Well luckily there's a place for that now - Clicking this handy link will take you straight to the games discord, where you will be able to get in touch with other enthusiasts, talk about the game - and get nice and excited for liftoff!

🚀 Deliver Us The Moon Discord.