Deliver Us the Moon console Patch

July 03, 2020

Deliver Us The Moon Patch

Hello again astronauts!

We have an update from mission control that indicates a new console patch is now available for Deliver Us The Moon.

This update aims to tackle a late game blocking instance, and issues that people on PS4 were experiencing being unable to use the main menu.

Full notes are as follows :-

- Fixed menu not responding on PlayStation 4 using Asian languages
- Fixed airlock blocking issue on Reinhold during the final section
- Fixed moon elevator briefly showing whilst loading Copernicus Outpost.

Since this patch was put into production we've since been made aware of a couple of issues related to the launch sequence and being unable to progress in the command centre.

We are attempting to replicate these issues and will keep you updated!

Until next time, stay safe out there astronauts!