Close To The Sun Launch Stream now on Youtube

May 16, 2020

Close To The Sun Dev Stream

On May 5th we launched Close to the sun on Steam, GoG and other e-tailer platforms (Yay!)

And to celebrate we ran a 3 hour developer interview on Steam with two of the masterminds behind the game from Storm In a Teacup!

It was a fascinating show, covering all kinds of topics including :

- Working in the current quarantine lifestyle
- The origins of the dev team and formulating the game
- Tesla as a character versus real life
- Crazy inventions brought up by the community and chat
- Cockroach infestations
- Tesla...coil...electric guitars
- And much more!

If you missed the chance to catch it live - fear not! We have it all uploaded and wrapped in a neat bow with some extra bonus goodies including interviews with the voice actress, other members of the team, the OST and more!

You can catch it here :

Close to the Sun is now available on all popular digital storefronts on PC - as well as already being released on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Switch.

Visit the games steam page for more information : Close to The Sun on Steam

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