Avicii Invector Encore Edition Review Roundup

September 22, 2020

Avicii Invector Review Roundup

On September 9th, as part of the global celebration of Tim 'Avicii' Berglings birthday -  we released Avicii Invector Encore Edition to the world, bringing the song tally up to 35 songs and introducing Invector to Nintendo Switch owners for the first time!

Since then the reviews for the Switch version have been rolling in! Here's a quick summary of how Invector feels on the go :

Techgaming 85%

"Avicii pushed at the aloofness of electronic dance music, adding inspirational lyrics and melodies that weren’t just fist-pumping bravado. As such, it’s not surprising to discover that kind of tenderness across Invector’s neon-hued playfields and soaring dreamscapes."

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Nintendo World Report 9.5/10

"I may not have been very familiar with the work of Avicii before playing this game, but I think I can honestly call myself a fan now. If you like his music or just like rhythm games in general AVICII Invector is a game you absolutely should check out on the Switch."

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Nintendo Insider 8/10

"AVICII Invector: Encore Edition manages to balance its challenging rhythm gameplay and fantastic soundtrack with an air of respect and love for the artist that makes it easy to recommend"

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Bonus Stage

"Players who are fans of nontraditional rhythm games and of amazing electronic music need look no further than Avicii Invector: Encore Edition. It handles like a dream on the Nintendo Switch, install size is acceptable and the only missing component is the ability to play the music without playing the game (which is true of almost every rhythm game). It’s a beautiful tribute, and it fits only better knowing that Bergling had his hand in its craft. Enjoy, play, experience, and remember."

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GBATemp 9/10

"You want to play "just one more song" and try to improve your score or accuracy. And if you love this kind of music, then you'll definitely come back again and again."

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Miketendo64 8/10

"At the risk of getting into Trouble, I must wear my Heart Upon My Sleeve and say that I am a True Believer of AVICII Invector Encore Edition. I Could Be The One that enjoys this game (and you can too) but it certainly gives me Peace of Mind knowing that I can play it on my Nintendo Switch."

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Goomba Stomp

"It is to Invector‘s credit that all throughout, the game feels like a joyful celebration of Tim Bergling’s music. It is a worthy tribute to a man who revitalized and reinvigorated the EDM and House music scene."

Read the full review at : GoombaStomp.com



RapidReviewsUk 4.5/5

"In conclusion I thoroughly enjoyed my time with AVICII Invector. Coming into the game as a fan of rhythm based games, rather than an AVICII fan, has made me see the game in a different light. It’s a great way to symbolise the musician’s legacy and (no pun intended) it hits all the right notes. The slowly increasing difficulty in each mode helps ease players into which new buttons to press, and the way in which difficulty does not effect progress earned is a massive bonus."

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ButWhyTho 8/10

"AVICII Invector is not only a rhythm game that nails the genre almost flawlessly, but also pays tribute to an incredibly talented musician that we lost much too soon."

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Nintendad - Favourite Child

"AVICII : Invector got me moving to the beat in a way I didn’t expect. This is some serious bang for your buck."

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GamingTrend 80%

"Avicii Invector: Encore Edition adds a few more songs into last year’s rhythm game tribute, and it’s a solid addition. The Switch version is up to par with the other consoles, and you can now listen to much of the late EDM artist’s work in one awesomely entertaining package."

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Pure Nintendo - 8/10

"Music fans should dig Avicii Invector, especially those inclined to appreciate the deep lyrics in these tracks. For non-enthusiasts, an easy difficulty setting makes the game inviting, even for those with limited experience in rhythm games"

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