Avicii Invector : Encore Collectors Edition ◢◤

July 30, 2020

Avicii Invector : Encore Collectors Edition

As part of our celebration of Avicii leading up to the release of Encore Edition on September the 8th, we created 5 hand painted - individually finished white Nintendo Switch Lites!

Each custom switch comes with a digital download of Encore Edition - and we are working with 4 partners in order to host opportunities for fans to get a chance to win them!

As for that fifth Switch Lite? Well that's a secret for now that we will talk about later - but trust us, it is awesome.

For now you'll want to get your eyes on our social accounts in order to spot when our partner competitions activate!

Because we are considerate though - here are three that are currently active! 

JPSwitchmania Custom Switch Competition
GBATemp Custom Switch Competition
EDM.com Custom Switch Competition

You can find our socials right here :-

Wired Discord
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Wired Twitter 
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